Climate Crisis: Drastic Change is Required

We are killing the planet we call home and anything less than drastic action can sound the extinction of human life. We are already seeing the destruction of our planet, animal species, the rain forest, ice caps and coral reefs. It is not too late to change course, but to put off that decision any longer will only require more drastic changes with greater risk to our planet and those who call it home.

Climate Action Now

The field for those wishing to become the next President is ever growing. We are hearing the use of pretty words and promises to make change. However, we need to make drastic change today and I am willing to bet any political future I might have on this as a fact. We cannot wait until 2020 or even 2021 to act. We must begin action right now.

Go Vegan

For those who have access to vegan options, I encourage you to go vegan. For those who do not, include as much vegetables & grains as possible in your meals and cuts as much animal-based consumption as possible.

Public Transportation

For those living in areas where public transportation is available, please use it. Bike or walk to work if possible. Carpool if possible. Every little change adds up in the overall whole.

Amplify Youth Voices

Amplify the voices of young people as much as possible, especially Black & Indigenous youth. This can be in the form of a simple retweet or share of ideas from young people. Doing this can help their voice reach a larger audience. When possible, consider a donation to an organization you trust which is pushing the move towards a cleaner environment for all.

Climate Justice Must Include Social Justice

While we work towards climate justice, we cannot do so without working towards social justice. We cannot leave lower income and Black / Indigenous communities behind in our quest for a better future. All must be included in climate justice: Black & Indigenous communities, lower income communities, disabled community, etc. No one can be left behind.

Equal Rights

Women, disabled, Black and brown people, Indigenous people, and LGBTQIA+ members all must have equal access and protection under the law. This country was founded on the ideal that “all men are created equal” and we need to ensure this ideal is expanded to include all people. While some will say all are treated equally, a simple look at the headlines tell otherwise.