About Michael

Michael spent the latter half of his childhood in Southcentral Los Angeles, along with 3 siblings and his parents. He is a prospective candidate for President of the United States in 2020. While nothing has been made official thus far (no Federal Election Commission Registration), it is his intent to raise/spend the necessary $5,000 to make his campaign official in the near future. In the mean time, work is underway to be as close to fully transparent about his position on key issues, as well as in as many ways as possible. For Michael, working towards a more transparent life and government is key. You the people of the United States deserve nothing less.

Work History


2014 – Present

2011 – Present

American Red Cross
Tech Support / First Aid & CPR Instructor

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2003 – November 2006

Pennsylvania College of Technology
Janitorial (Seasonal)

June – July 2007

Web Designer/Developer

August 1998 – Present

United States Navy
Electronic Equipment Repairman

July 1996 – January 1997

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Pennsylvania College of Technology
AAS in Physical Fitness Specialist 2003
(8 credits short of double bachelor 2006)


Certified Personal Trainer


Certified Group Instructor


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Criminal History

Yes folks, I have a criminal record. Rather than attempting to hide this information, and then fight when it is uncovered, I am releasing that information myself. View Criminal Record

Party Affiliation

Interestingly enough, some seem to question my party affiliation (or lack thereof) as a Republican turned Independent. Some have accused me falsely of being a registered Democrat. Here you go for those who wish to question that.

CA SOS Party Change Form May 16, 2017 (Republican to Independent)
CA SOS Party Change Receipt May 16, 2017 (Republican to Independent)

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