Criminal Record

Yes folks, I have a criminal record. Rather than attempting to hide this information, and then fight when it is uncovered, I am releasing that information myself.

2007 Charges

In 2007, I was charged with child sex crimes. All charges were either dropped or I was found not guilty. I am providing both the entire 13 page criminal docket and charge summary. Full 13 page criminal docket | 1 page summary

1999 Charges

In 1999, I was charged with 2 counts of Simple Assault (2nd Degree Misdemeanor) and 3 counts of Harassment (Summary). The harassment charges were dropped and I plead no contest to the simple assault charges and was ordered into out-patience mental health counseling.

1997 Charges

In 1997, I was charged with Simple Assault (2nd Degree Misdemeanor) and Harassment (Summary). The harassment charge was dropped and I plead guilty. I also had a probation violating behind this charge in 1998 when my father called the police and threw me out.