Financial Information

Federal Tax Returns

As a prospective candidate for President of the United States of America, here are all of the tax returns I have in my possession, covering tax years 2003 to present. There are a few gaps, which are explained at the bottom of this page. Only private information (social security number, address, and bank information) has been removed, to protect myself from identity theft.

The gap between 2008 and 2010 is due to a criminal trial, which ruined my local and non-local reputation, as I was unable to assist clients while fighting criminal charges, for crimes I did not, nor would not, commit. In addition, I relocated from Pennsylvania back to California and subsequently became homeless.

The gap between the 2010 and 2014 tax returns is due to homelessness, as well as the inability to secure gainful employment or secure any clients for my business.

Other Contributions

I personally received a $100 gift card for Chevron in April 2018 and have been using it for in-store drinks and snacks on my nightly walks. While not actually a campaign contribution, it is disclosed here in full transparent fashion, showing how that card was used through receipts. View Chevron Gift Card Receipts

Work Pay Stubs

While not required or often released by a candidate, to be transparent I am releasing the pay stubs from my “day job”. Previously on this page, they are now available on the Pay Stubs page.