Equality for All

As an American, I am fed up with the state of the country. We need an America where all people are seen as equal, where each and every American is afforded the same equal rights under the law. America was built on the idea of a “Government of the people, by the people, for the people”. Special interest groups should not dictate the direction of our country, nor should the American people be not properly represented.

Equal Rights For All

Unity is a lovely idea and I believe we should rally behind ideas which will propel us forward or against ideas which go against our basic fabric. However, we should start with creating Equal Rights for all, providing all citizens with the same rights and responsibilities. This will begin the road forward by providing a level starting point for all Americans.

So Who Am I?

I was born in Phoenix Arizona, 1978 and have been living in the United States since. A large part of my childhood was spent living in South Central Los Angeles and have seen the way the disenfranchised have been treated. Our inner cities are a mess and I want to work with those living in inner cities across our country. I plan to sit down with as many people as I can and talk about the issues, working with them to develop real solutions. I am a transparent individual, providing documentation on the about page, as well as outlining my past via my personal web site.

Solution Driven

I believe what is missing in our government today are solutions. We cannot fix problems by simply throwing money at them. Nor will it make the problems go away. We need to work with each area of the country individually, as well as the country as a whole.

My platform will be a simple one, at least in idea: Equality. This work will include all Americans. As someone who grew up poor, I understand the difficulties the “lower class” struggles with. We are hard working and hard struggling people, and often forgotten by those in power. Sure, they are there with hand outs and begging for our votes, but we need hand ups not hand outs.

Transparent Disclosure in Action

This is what transparency looks like. The latest posts from the campaign blog.