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Going Green is For Me

Going Green for Planet Earth
Photo by Singkham from Pexels

Keeping waste to a minimum has been something ingrained in me from childhood. My mother often said, “Waste not, want not”. If as a child we chose not to eat what our mother made for dinner, it would be wrapped and placed in the refrigerator. The next morning for breakfast, it would be heated and served again. Then again that night for dinner. The cycle would repeat until we either ate it or it went bad and was tossed out. Of course that came with a spanking, so we did not allow it to go that far too many times. My mom would also make reference to children going hungry around the world, not because they did not like what was on their plate, but because their plate was empty.

Then in March this year, I made the plunge to live a vegan lifestyle. Prior to that I reduced meat consumption, transitioned from ground beef to ground turkey, moved to fresh/frozen vegetables instead of canned, and even cooked nearly all of my meals myself at home. My food waste is nearly zero, especially now that I compost all kitchen scrapes.

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Big Animal Agriculture Has Got to Go

Herd of Cattle on Concrete Path
Photo by Vlad Chețan from Pexels

“Agriculture both contributes to climate change and is affected by climate change”, says the European Environmental Agency's website. While this includes all forms of agriculture, part of the greenhouse gases can be eliminated by altering our lifestyle. This comes in the form of eliminating meat & other animal by-products from our consumption. Sure the production of vegetables and grains contribute, but we can reduce the amount of feed needing to be feed to animals being slaughtered for consumption.

We can further reduce the greenhouse gases emitted by agriculture through purchasing locally sourced plant-based items. This would lower emissions from transporting over long distances.

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Paystub Update May 13, 2019

Updated the current paystub page to include the latest paystub for pay period ending April 30, 2019. Also put up the missing PDF transcribed copies, including for the latest paystub. Even added the original transcribe files which are in the ODT (Open Document Text Format) to increase access to useable copies. As always, paystubs are transcribed by the candidate.

Vegan Life

In March 2019, I made the plunge into becoming a Vegan. That is correct, I have given up all animal & animal by-product consumption. Most food consumpted is now plant-based, but am working my way through the few remaining non plant-based items remaining from before the switch. And I am being transparent about the switch, largely through images posted to the campaign's Instagram. I have also switched to using reusable product bags and even bags suitable for grains & beans. I even publicly release the store receipts showing the change.

Using reusable produce bags at the store
Using reusable produce bags at the store
1/2 gallon of rice milk & quart of plain low fat soy milk
1/2 gallon of rice milk & quart of plain low fat soy milk
2 bunches of fresh greens
2 bunches of fresh greens
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Walk Log PDF Update

February & March walk logs in PDF format have been added to the activity tracker. JPG links have also been added for January through March, to provide an option of formats. April's PDF & JPG formatted files will be uploaded May 01, 2019. Apologies for the delay on getting this files publicly available.

New Activity Tracking Videos Available

Apologies for slacking on uploading the weekly activity tracking videos. I was behind by 4 weeks, weeks 13-16. This has been remedied. Week 13 through 16 are live on the campaign's channel over on YouTube and also embedded into the 2019 Activities video area: As always, these videos are properly closed captioned, with a text-based transcript provided, both as a pinned comment on YouTube and right on the video page here.

Latest Paystubs Added

I have now added the last 3 paystubs, covering the 2 pay period in March and the 1st pay period of April. These will be transcribed and uploaded as PDF searchable files today. In addition, the two paystubs for February will be transcribed as well.

The count for paystubs transparently disclosed was corrected and now stands at 110.

Paystub Updates

Working to clean up the paystubs area to make it more accessible and clear what the paystubs state. Instead of the previous change to show the issued date, I am switching to show the start and end date of the pay period, along with moving the final paystub from previous years to the following year, as they are paid the following year and start the new years worth of pay.

So far, these page has been revised in this manner: 215, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

I will also be transcribing the older paystub into a text-based PDF format, as I started with in 2019. The yearly gross/net pay will also be added to each years page this week.

Social Media Accounts

While I have quite a few social media accounts, there comes a time when some no longer serve the purpose they were intended to serve. I have recently deleted the Instagram account for ICanGetFitt and removed it from the about page.

Additionally, I have removed my personal accounts across the platforms: michaelmannspc (Instagram & Twitter)

I am evaluating other social media accounts and will remove any I believe no longer serve a purpose.

This is What Transparency Looks Like

Today I uploaded the latest 2 paystubs for my day job. This makes 108 paystubs transparently disclosed. That is 11 paystubs from 2014, 20 paystubs from 2015, 24 paystubs for 2016, 24 paystubs for 2017, 24 paystubs for 2018, and 5 paystubs (so far) from 2019. To me this is what transparency looks like for a candidate.

Far too often I hear candidates for local, state or even federal office talk about the need for greater transparency, yet you see little to no transparency from the candidate. If you are lucky, there is a simple, thrown together, often neglected website with literally no real information.

While I understand to some point why candidates work so hard to reduce their doing “opposition reserach” for others running against them, transparency is not just something nice to do for me. This is how I live my life, being as completely open as possible about as much as humanly possible. Does this mean I am reducing the work other candidatess might need to find out about me? Good because it also reduces the amount of work those I wish to earn votes from as well.