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This is What Transparency Looks Like

Today I uploaded the latest 2 paystubs for my day job. This makes 108 paystubs transparently disclosed. That is 11 paystubs from 2014, 20 paystubs from 2015, 24 paystubs for 2016, 24 paystubs for 2017, 24 paystubs for 2018, and 5 paystubs (so far) from 2019. To me this is what transparency looks like for a candidate.

Far too often I hear candidates for local, state or even federal office talk about the need for greater transparency, yet you see little to no transparency from the candidate. If you are lucky, there is a simple, thrown together, often neglected website with literally no real information.

While I understand to some point why candidates work so hard to reduce their doing “opposition reserach” for others running against them, transparency is not just something nice to do for me. This is how I live my life, being as completely open as possible about as much as humanly possible. Does this mean I am reducing the work other candidatess might need to find out about me? Good because it also reduces the amount of work those I wish to earn votes from as well.

Videos Not Loaded Corrected

This site uses a plugin called Complianz to handle cookie permissions. The version the site was running had an issue, which caused for videos to not always load. Since the site is using the Gutenberg WordPress editor, the issues was a conflict between cookies being set/used and the built-in Youtube Embeds. While looking for a solution, I happened upon a thread over at about an unreleased fix via their github (unreleased to the plugin repository) which appears to fix the video loading issue.

First Recycling in 2019

Just completed my first recycling in 2019 and netted $7.37. While this is a personal recycling, mostly from recyclable items picked up on my walks around town, I am disclosing this on my campaign site. These funds in 2019 will be donated monthly to the charity I choose to donate 5 cents per mile walked that month. January’s donation will go to Pack Your Back.

I feel any candidate who is in favor of a Green New Deal should be doing their part within their own life to be more aware of their own wasteful habits.

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Update the link on the main activity tracker page to reflect changes in the second report released in 2018. The new link is, which shows the following:

  • Each day, youth ages 6 through 17 need at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous activity to attain the most health benefits from physical activity.
  • To attain the most health benefits from physical activity, adults need at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, like brisk walking or fast dancing, each week.

2019 Activity Lives

After some time messing around with the code for the activity tracking setup, I discovered a line of code I had commented out was causing the activity tracker to fail and time out on calculating and showing activity. So activity is once again being displayed on site.

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November 2018 Sample Ballot

I can honestly say I have never seen anyone running for any office be as transparent as I have and I am not even officially registered with the Federal Elections Commission. Here is a scanned copy of my November 2018 Sample Ballot, which shows how I voted in this past election.

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December 09, 2018 Updates

Here are the updates conducted this morning:

  • The base software, WordPress, has been updated to 5.0, which bundles Gutenberg with in the core, relieving the need to use the Gutenberg plugin
  • Social media listings/links for Michael Mann Web Development (new business new) have been updated across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (#Transparency)
  • Activity Tracker has been brought up to date for daily walking, with the plugin used to collect and display the activity recently update to a Gutenberg block.

Corrections to Activity Tracker

It appears a correction to the PDF file for July 2018’s walking was still uncorrected, to show the month as July (not June), a copy & paste error on my part. This is now corrected.

Additionally, the recently uploaded November 2018 PDF was showing the month as October, again a copy & paste error. This has been corrected as well.

Note: These affected not just the PDF files, but also the images shown on the activity tracker page. This has all been corrected.

Michael Mann
2020 Prospective Independent POTUS Candidate

Site Security Updated

As a person heavily invested in security and transparency, I discovered some much needed security settings were not properly implemented on this site. As a result, the underly software, WordPress, was not as secure as it could and should be. This does not affect site visitors, but did not fully secure files core to WordPress. I have applied the security updates, which including change file permissions and ensuring direct access to key files for WordPress are not directly accessible.

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