There are many issues one can attempt to tackle within the United States. These are the issues nearest and dearest to my heart. We need to work together to bring about equality, which can move us forward.

Climate Crisis

We only have one earth and must work to protect our planet. From corporations to government at all levels to every individual, we each can do our part to reduce our impact on the environment. This must be done through conservation efforts, as well as reduction of waste.

Equality For All

It is truly a sad state when there are still groups of people in this country who are not seen as equals, or treated as such under the law. The need for a Constitutional Amendment to finally and fully declare all citizens as equal is long over due. We need to work to fix issues which have caused racial and sexual divide for far too many years. True equal rights and responsibilities are what this country needs, more than anything else, to work towards moving forward as one country.

Safety & Security

Safety and security covers a wide range of issues, from gun control in communities across the country to national security and even Internet Security. All of these topics are discussed in the Safety & Security section.


Every person should desire to become as productive as possible within a society. Education, both formal and informal, can go a long way to improving not only a persons status in society, but also personal growth. Education should be at the forefront of what we do, to ensure we continue to be a world leader.

Work Force

Having a strong work force is vital to keeping the economy going. If people have good paying jobs, they will not need to depend on the government for income. We need to develop employment options for those able & willing to work.

Wellness & Healthcare

No one should have to choose between food on the table or seeing a healthcare professional. Whether this is Medicare for all or working with the healthcare industry, we need to look for a solution to allow people to obtain and maintain suitable wellness coverage.