Climage Crisis

Green New Deal

We only have one earth and each of us should do their own part to use it wisely. We must do our part to reduce our personal impact on the environment, through conservation effect, as well as reduction of waste. However, this must also be done by local, state, and federal governmental agencies, as well as businesses and industries. This is an “all hands on deck” situation.

As the Green New Deal released by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez puts it, this must all be done in a manner which creates social justice to include those communities most impacted by climate change.

Animal Agriculture

While so much focus has been on changing individual habits and alternative fuel sources, which are all good things to push for as I have done below, this alone will not be enough to change course on the Climate Crisis. We need to address the number 1 polluter of green house gases, animal agriculture. We really need to work to reduce & eliminating meat/dairy consumption, transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle.

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Alternative Sources

There are alternative methods for energy sources, including wind and solar. We also need to work towards replacing an aging electrical grid. We must also transition to renewable for vehicles as well, whether that is electric, hydrogen or biomass. However, we must ensure the supply chain for any alternative is fully renewable as well and not dependant on fossil fuel.

Energy independence is a part of the New Green Deal and this is what America needs to push towards and we must do this now. Read more about the Green New Deal over at

Personal Consumption Habits

There are also many way we as individuals can work towards combating climate change by conserving where possible and making lifestyle changes. This can be through a range of items from using more energy efficient CFL/LED bulbs to reusable shopping bags. We need to work together toward improving our energy needs & usage. However, we cannot combat this issue with personal habit changes alone.