Safety / Security


Safety comes in many forms and those forms will be discussed below. This is not an exhaustive list, but enough to get the conversation started.

Gun Safety

With what happened in Parkland Florida, this issue has come back into the spotlight. Common sense gun control will not fix all of the issues surrounding gun violence, but let me make this perfectly clear: Gun Control is not a second amendment issue. At least not directly. Some claim this is a move toward gun confiscation. I personally do not see it that way. Here is what Gun Control looks like:

  • Beefed up background check database
    We need to ensure that the information necessary to make a full assessment of one’s background for gun purchases happen. This will mean working together: federal, state and local law enforcement, to ensure the information is making its way into the database.
  • Waiting periods
    Gun purchases should never be treated or viewed as “impulse” purchases. All should expect a full background check to be performed prior to taking possession of a fire arm.
  • Limits on who can purchase
    We already limit purchasing ability to those with serious criminal records, or at least that is the intent. This should be extended to cover those with severe mental, behavior, or emotional conditions. Handled on a case-by-case basis, working to keep weapons out of the hands of those who will either harm themselves or others.

No one is (or should be) asking for sweeping changes to take back weapons. While some states do have laws in affect to allow for temporary restraining orders, that is not necessarily the goal here. The focus should be on making communities safer, which should include schools. This should include all communities,including communities of color.

Gun Violence Statistics

2000 to 2017 Active Shooter Incidents (FBI)

List of active shooter incidents in the United States identified by the FBI from 2000-2017.

Murder Victims by Weapon (2012-2016) (FBI)

Statistics of murder victims broken down by the FBI year from 2012-2016.

School Safety

Recent events have seen an intersection between guns and school safety issues. These issues should be tackled individually, as well as where they intersect. We need to ensure students and faculty are safe within school grounds. One good solution would be to ensure schools are inaccessible, or limited in accessibility, during school hours.


National Security

Not coming into the United States through the proper channels is wrong, however I believe simply securing our borders will not be enough. We need to work with those already, to determine which wish to stay and pose no threat vs those who commit serious crimes and do us no service.

Internet Security

Internet Security is pivotal, now more than ever before. As more and more devices are connecting to the Internet, we need to ensure technology is in place to protect national security interests. Those placed into power should be doing all they can, including using proper email and social media accounts, ensuring security is placed at the forefront.

Privacy rights are needed, to protect us, the American people, from having our digital footprint sold off to the highest bidder. Internet companies should be required to ask our permission prior to collect our information, inform us of what information is being collected, and what that information is being used for. It is the responsibility of an Internet web site to contain this information, along with an opt-out option, when possible, even if that information is remaining in-house. The consumer should be informed and provided a means to opt-in, especially if a web site decide to profit from collected information.

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